Tarun Ahuja's interview after winning Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards 2013.

5 Days High Impact Learning

How to Train Others With Minimum Effort and Get Maximum Results, All You Need to Prepare Trainers For A Successful Training Course Delivery Includes Comprehensive Assessment Resources

The "Trainer the Trainer" course is suitable for anyone who aims to become better at training. The research on best training methodologies is used in the course both as content (to be taught to delegates) and as the underlying training methodology (to transfer these skills to delegates). This dual approach makes the course much more effective which means it can deliver more content at any given time.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Corporate leaders
  • Free Lance Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Middle /Senior Executives
  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Personality development trainers
  • Trainers
  • HR Mangers
  • Sales Executives/Managers
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
5 Days Train The Trainer schedule
Day 1 - Building The Base
  • Massive Shift & Difference between Teaching & Training Methodology
  • Learn to Focus on Facilitation & Training as Opposed to Lecturing
  • The 4 Step Extraction Process (Stunning Technique)
  • Advance Question Handling Skills
  • High- Class Delivery Skills
  • Probing Skills
  • Advance Listening Skills
  • How to use Psychology to Gauge & Engage your audience
  • Mastery in Public Speaking
Day 2 - Building the Base
  • Latest Ice-breaking techniques to create a friendly learning environment
  • Magic of Role-plays
  • Magic of Mastering Training games and Fun Activities
  • Use Accelerated Learning to Increase Pace of Learning
  • Techniques in Immersion Learning
  • Acting/ Dramatic Skills with Practice Sessions
  • Mastering Voice Modulation and Body Language with Advanced Practice Sessions
  • How to Transfer Maximum Knowledge in Minimum time – Using Psychological based techniques
Day 3 - Consolidating the Base
  • Practice Session & Recap
  • 15 proficiencies of an Outstanding Trainer
  • Understanding Human Motivators
  • 3 Circles of Achievement
  • Difference Between Men & Women’s brain.
  • Helicopter view of NLP and how to incorporate them in Your trainings
  • Simulated trainings by EACH participant (Personalized Feedback loop by Mr. Tarun Ahuja)
Day 4 - Break Through
  • Simulated Training (Contd.)
  • How to use Videos & Psychological Training Music for Maximum Impact
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Magic of Mastering Training games and Fun Activities
  • Improve Understanding of Group Dynamics
  • Learn to Teach By Examples
  • Handle Difficult People & Learn to Coach
  • Maximize Impact by Delivering a Memorable Presentation
Day 5 - Excellence
  • Increase Knowledge Transfer by Configuring Your Environment
  • Ask the Right Questions and Fully Engage Participants at All Times
  • How to Become a Human Potential Trainer & Motivator – Achieving Excellence
  • Transformational Leadership Skills
  • Stunning Module on Science & Art of Goal Setting & Goal Reaching
  • Sales & Marketing Techniques used by International Trainers– Revealing the Secrets
  • Personalized 1 on 1 confidential coaching from Mr. Tarun Ahuja for any challenges you face in your life
  • Convocation Ceremony– Certification & Feedback
Benefits to PEAK Certified Train The Trainer Certification
  1. Use of Peak Dual International Certification as certified corporate trainer and brand name to add value and influence to you and your business.
  2. Five days live, interactive, intensive hands on training by Tarun Ahuja himself
  3. 50 Training Modules with copyright and reprint able rights to conduct any corporate training program for LIFE TIME free.
  4. Training on how to teach each lesson in the coaching/training manuals
  5. A participants manual for each of the 50 programs included with the system
  6. Instruction on how to set your Training fees
  7. Training workbook guide to go along with the 50 training modules
  8. power points for the 50 programs included with the system
  9. Presentation Training, Technique Training, Speaking event coordination and best practices, Networking skill training
  10. Training on how to obtain referrals, Client discovery sales questions, Closing skills, Marketing scripts
  11. Product and program bundling for pricing
  12. Discussion on best practices to coach, train and speak at live event
FREE- 50 Additional Modules on Training with Training Manuals, participant’s manuals, Training games and training ice breakers.
  • Complete Source Files(Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word)
  • Detailed Learning Presentation
  • Participant Manual(Print As Many Copies As Require)
  • Post Course Action Plan For Participants
  • Training Icebreakers
  • Training Games, Training Guides
  • Pre-Course Test For Participants
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Recommended Reading

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