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  • Revealed: A Road-Tested System for Selling More, More Often and Faster, No Matter How the Economy is Doing.
    Recent studies reveal that over 80% of products and services sold are so because of the relationship created, NOT the product or service itself. With our training skills, you will quickly gain the trust or (Rapport) of virtually everyone you choose to influence.
    93% of communication is created at a non-verbal, subconscious level. The first step in creating powerful communication skills is to have you watch, listen, and feel what your clients responds to, then influence those non-verbal, subconscious signals of body language. You’ll also learn how to relate to your clients emotional desires by asking just one simple question, which you will then know how they want to be sold to. Peak Sales Training
    Imagine learning advanced language skills that allow you to talk directly to your prospects subconscious mind. Imagine understanding how your clients buy. Now, some of these powerful tools are based on psychological language patterns, which flow with your clients conscious buying patterns.
    Sales can be a very simple process if you know how it's achieved. But what about those of us that need a step-by-step process by which to become master sellers and influencers? If you'd like to learn the NLP Sales Process that was constructed from the best sales people in the business of influencing others – you are invited to attend this powerful training program.
    Our interactive training's combines NLP, Psychology and Neuro-Science, which are some of the most powerful modeling techniques ever discovered.
    Peak Sales Training Perhaps you’ve heard of these influential techniques’, yet haven't decided  to start practicing them. Now you and your staff can easily learn to persuade with integrity and. We take the process of selling and break it down into a step-by-step procedure that anyone can master.
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  • When You Master the Psychology of Selling You Will :-
    Create Win-Win situations Peak Sales Training
    Recognize different behavior patterns and how to deal with them
    Sell More, More Often.
    Understand various human motivators and what truly makes people buy
    bullets Become absolutely indispensable to your company and climb the ladder, fast
    Become absolutely vital to your company and climb the steps to success, fast
    How to triumph your inner sales game—when your game is on, you can't be defeated
    The 3 essential qualities of all great sales people—develop these to be a frontrunner
    Why you are for all time self-employed no matter who you work for—you must comprehend this to succeed
    3 Selling Secrets fundamental to your success—don't leave home without them
    Why people really buy—no, it's not for the reason that they can't live without your product or service
    Discover your prospects genuine buying emotions—pay attention and they will tell you
    How to establish with a great opening—miss this and you'll finish your chances of success
    Learn straightforward, effective closing techniques used by only the best salespeople—this single-handedly is worth more than your investment in the program
    How to open out your prospect's buying resistance—you must do this if you want to boost sales and improve your closing rate
      Peak Sales Training
    The 5 most frequent types of prospects—understanding this will make your job so much easier
    How to go into your client's comfort zone—do this or drown
    How to confront your deepest fears about selling—hey, we're all scared before we make our presentations - now you'll see how silly this is
    How to face up to your deepest fears about selling—hey, we're all scared before we make our presentations - now you'll see how ridiculous this is
    Discover the personality types that make selling easy—only sell to people who want to buy
    How to split selling fantasy from reality—eliminate the B.S. beliefs many salespeople live by—they will strangle the life out of your sales career
    Use the Instant Reverse close—works just about every time—you can even use it on your kids
    How to apply the Law of 6—your prospect will find it nearly impossible to say no to you
    7 Price Point objections you must know—avoid frustration caused by price conflict
    Learn the Art and Science of setting and reaching sales goal through the 7 Step process
      Master the NLP 5 Step Sales Process
    BY the end of this program, you will:-
    Get more and better engagements with key decision-makers – no more hearing, “I’ll pass this on to my seniors and you can wait to hear back from him”
    Make better, more skilled presentations that have prospects pulling out their wallets before you even come to an end
    Sell against determined and lower-priced opposition – because you know how to create value ahead of price
    STOP worrying about whether you’ll reach your monetary goals and START focusing on helping your repeat clients and referrals
    STOP worrying about whether you’ll reach your financial goals and START focusing on serving your repeat clients and referrals
    Always have a channel of highly-qualified ideal prospects waiting to meet with you
    Why you can achieve enormous success by being just a little bit better than run of the mill sales people in certain key areas—and what those areas are
      Peak Sales Training
    The Number One reason for failure among trained salespeople—and it has zilch to do with sales (warning: you’re probably making this mistake but it’s easy—and fundamental—to correct!)
    A recent transformation that has taken place in sales—and why, if you don’t grow with the industry, you’ll be beating pavement with holes in your shoes forever
    Similarities between marriage and sales, and how this plays into the different components of a sales discussion
    Credibility vs. Mega-Credibility in Sales—why you need Mega-Credibility to overcome customer disbelief and make the sale
    How to build trust and overcome fear: the one thing you should NEVER say during a sales conversation—let this slip out and you’ll KILL your odds of closing the sale
    Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE—and what you SHOULD sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)
    You get absolutely everything you need to know to become a High Performance Seller … and put yourself on the fast track to sales success
    Enrollment fee includes:
    Complimentary lunch for all attendees Peak Sales Training
    Role-plays that will improve your selling skills
    Practices on case studies and “live” examples from your business
    Specialized workbook and course materials
    Personalized certificate of completion
    10 International Training Videos on Selling to keep your skills sharp
    Peak Communicating Cards
    CD – Containing Future reference material
    "There are no resistant people or inflexible communicators- at Peak Trainings we will train you on how to establish real rapport and trust from the first contact"